Quality meals prepared fresh on site daily!

We are dedicated to serving nutritious and balanced meals and snacks, providing two thirds of the daily requirements as set by Canada’s Food Guide.  Each meal and snack is prepared fresh on site everyday by an experienced chef that is certified by Toronto Public Health.  Our menus are also reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian to ensure that we are providing the healthiest and most nutritious food for your child.

Meals are geared towards the younger palate and include dishes well-liked by children. We try to incorporate multi-ethnic foods and are open to healthy, nutritious, well balanced menu ideas. The menus are posted for parents to review and rotate on a four-week cycle.

A sample of our weekly menu can be viewed below, which includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Week One

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Scrambled eggs with English muffin House-made waffles and apple sauce Whole grain bagels and banana Hot high fibre oatmeal with cheddar chunks High grain cereal with sliced banana
Lunch Chicken pasta with mixed beans and carrots

Apples and banana

Beef bolognese with English Muffin tomato, green pepper, and mozzarella cheese

Orange and kiwi

House-made shepherd’s pie with carrots, peas, green beans and kernals

Apples and kiwi

Tomato soup with tuna salad wrap and tomato and broccoli

Apples and pears

Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with baked beans, green pepper and carrot slices

Banana and oranges

Afternoon Snack Crackers and cheddar chunks Apple slices and yogurt dip Pea butter on graham crackers Pears and mozzarella cheese Fresh hummus with whole wheat pita bread

Week Two

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast House-made pancakes with apple slices Hard boiled eggs with whole wheat toast House-made Rice Krispies with orange slices Whole wheat bagels with cheddar cheese slices Oatmeal muffin with kiwi
Lunch Chicken noodle soup with cheddar chunks, crackers, tomato and broccoli pieces

Orange and pears

Spaghetti and beef meatballs with carrots and peas

Kiwi and banana

Chicken curry on rice with green pepper and tomatos

Pear and orange

Vegetable soup with egg salad wrap and green pepper slices and carrot sticks

Apples and Oranges

Corn Beef hash with mashed potato, whole wheat pita slices, hot mixed beans and carrots

Pears and kiwi

Afternoon Snack Blueberry Muffin and kiwi Rice Cakes and onion yoghurt dip Tuna spread with whole wheat pita Nachos with salsa Carrot Muffin and kiwi

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